No secret that chess is an interesting and useful game that help to increase our logic and thinking.

Analyzing of chess position, raise strategic and tactical thinking.

Chess - an opportunity to assert itself. Striving for success - your game will admire! The best players are always at your hearing. A Chessfield Hall of Fame is always ready to reward the winners with cups.

For you chess social network "Chessfield" offers:

Join is very easy! Open registration, enter the e-mail, carefully read the rules, agree, get a letter, go to cherished link - and here you are, a full member!

Chess problems

Interactive chess problems - the ability to solve problems online and see the response moves from the opponent.

Solving the problem is interactive and fun!

Blog, Forum, Chat

Your thoughts, feelings, words ... all here in the blog, forum.

Blogs: personal, topical. You can even keep your own personal blog, which will be available only to you.

On the forum you can ask, get a respond, conduct discussions on the various chess topics, whether the theory or practice of chess game, or the literature search.