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Online chess games

Play chess for free, different time control, game analysis + PGN, player statistics, 6 000 000 chess games.

Chess tournaments

Hand made tournaments, 3 kind of workflow, team tournaments.


Play & thematic groups, chess teams, discussions, chatting.

Chess puzzles

More then 10 000 chess puzzles, interactive, classic and modern puzzles, different levels.

Chess — an ancient fascinating puzzle game.

Despite the fact that its roots back to ancient times, chess, after thousands of years still is very popular.

With the advent of high technology has begun formation of a new era of chess: a game of chess computers and chess tournaments on the Internet.

And here at Chessfield, you can remember what is chess. Play Chess with others on the network can be time controlled by Fischer (as per your move you added time), and without.

For training chessare often used chess composition: chess openings and chess problems. The solution of chess problems is comparable to the addictive game with an opponent. On Chessfield over a hundred chess problems of varying complexity are present. Solving of the chess problem can be sequentially or accidentally.

Having spent a lifetime analyzing the game of chess and comparing the capacity of computers to the capacity of the human brain, I've often wondered, where does our success come from? The answer is synthesis, the ability to combine creativity and calculation, art and science, into a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Chess is a unique cognitive nexus, a place where art and science come together in the human mind, and are then refined and improved by experience.Garry Kasparov